MaggotHouse = stupid, creative projects of Ben Neal

Ben = artist, musician, performer and Creative Technologist. Makes Noise, Art & Nonsense

Live AV projects. Usually musical. Use coding and gadgets

Humorous performances. Deliberately awkward and provocative

Bad sense of humour. Taste for the obscure. (Actually quite nice and very normal)

Described as “talented… creative force” and “at cutting edge…”

Artist Fellow at BOM

Ben’s work has been exhibited at National Film Theater (London), National Media Museum (Bradford), Vivid Projects (Birmingham), The Public (West Bromwich), Cambridge Junction, Odean Cinema (Dudley), Flatpack Film Festival (Birmingham), Millennium Point (Birmingham), Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham Open Media, Warwick Arts Center and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

His work has appeared as part of festivals in Europe including Sonar (Spain 2006-7), Supersonic (Birmingham 2014-15, 2009), Fierce (2014-15), Artsfest (Birmingham 2009-10, 2004), The Big Chill (Herefordshire 2007), Bath Guitar Festival (2007), Twilight Zone (Greece 2004), Contact Europe (Germany 2004) and AVIT (Leeds 2002, Brighton 2003). He has worked on projects exhibited at Tate Gallery (London), Ikon Gallery (Birmingham) and Birmingham City University.


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Cartoon rave band, makers of MIDI instruments, computer games and more. Check out the work of Ben’s audio-visual art collective


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An ecclectic mix of music to listen to, buy and download from Ben’s bedroom record label

Psicon Lab

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Freelance web design, multimedia, gadgets and workshops for the arts, music industry, education and small business


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Now and then Ben writes something about something. Read about some things here.


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YouTube videos including music videos, tech demos and other bits n bobs.


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Avantgarde Metal/Hardcore band (now disbanded)


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Ben’s VJ software developed for mixing videos at event (now a tad out of date but still a free download)